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My daughter Emma has been a student at NEFDA for the past year. She worked with Irina intensively last summer to create a fashion portfolio for her college applications. Irina developed Emma's skills in drawing, textile design, pattern making, sewing, fashion illustrations and more! By the end of the summer Emma's skills improved dramatically and she had an exquisite portfolio to submit with her applications. She was accepted to her first choice college! 

After such a positive experience, Emma wanted to go farther with her design training. Under the mentorship and teaching of Irina, she worked for the last 4 months of her high school career on a Senior Project. She created a 3 room interactive fashion installation. She, under the expert guidance and teaching of Irina, designed and created 5 garments for the rooms, each room with a different theme (with dresses to reflect the theme in each room). Many of the techniques employed to create the dresses were new to Emma. She finished the year with what many would consider to be a College level capstone class exhibit. None of it could have been realized without the incredible teaching of Irina at NEFDA.

We are tremendously grateful to Irina for her dedication and passion in training young designers. Emma goes off to college in the Fall extraordinarily prepared, thanks to NEFDA. 
Emma - West Harrison, New York 06/21/2017



Our daughter began taking classes at NEFDA in 2011 at the age of 12. What began as an interest quickly developed into a full-blown passion. The quality and variety of courses available at NEFDA is incredible and the amazing staff - led by Irina - really nurtures the students, teaches them real skills and encourages their creativity. I am truly amazed at the professional level of work that Maggie creates through this school, from fashion illustration and live model drawing, to pattern drafting and designing entire collections, to sewing and creating finished looks. Maggie has taken advantage of the many types of courses available and it has truly paid off with the skills and talent she now possesses. Her current portfolio of fashion collections and original garments is extremely impressive and clearly helped her earn her summer jobs in NYC’s Garment District. Irina and her staff are the best!
Jill and Jim - Weston, CT 10/08/2016



If you're on the fence about joining these classes, just read this and you'll sign up right away. I've been a student at NEFDA for 4 years now, starting when I was 12, with no knowledge of sewing. Sure, I drew outfits and cute clothing ever since I was little but never pursued it until I joined these classes. With the help of teachers we learn everything from the beginning stages like designing, then pattern making and of course sewing and finishing a garment. Over time I've learned so many skills that I even teach the kids during the summer camp. Along with learning how to make clothes, I've learned more about myself as well. I'm much more confident with who I am and how I want to display myself and I honestly owe it to these classes. This place is my second home and keeps me grounded when I need it. Through the years I've advanced my designing skills and have continued on to doing an incubator and junior design academy classes which really stretch your imagination and you see your potential. We design full collections based off an idea, doing research and mood boards and textile designs in between, then we eventually make a couple of the pieces. This school is not some crappy, simple dress making class, we make real pieces of clothing and make sure they look their best. In the end, I've had my best memories here and made some really amazing friends. With the help of Irina and Doreen and all the teachers we have I'm getting closer and closer to reaching my goal of being a fashion designer. It's truly an amazing environment with such talented people that you could never be truly bored. 
Izabela - Trumbull, CT   08/25/2016



This summer will mark my fifth fabulous year coming to classes with New England Fashion and Design Association. I started coming to their summer camp when I was 11, and I only knew how to hand sew. With the help of the amazing teachers, I learned how to make my fist dress. Now I'm 16 and feel confident in my skills with everything I've learned from my absolutely amazing teachers and mentors. I learned how to sew with a machine, and use more advanced stitches like french seams, make my own clothing patterns for anything I could dream of making, and though I'm still working on my drawing, I know I can get my ideas through clearly with designs on paper. Coming to this camp and is the highlight of my summer with the fun and creative environment that gives me the freedom to learn, meet new friends, and let my creativity run free, all at the same time. I cannot thank Irina, Doreen, Karlene, and Aleena enough for teachining me so much!
Abbey - San Francisco, CA   7/31/2016


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