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Fashion Camps


Our fashion association's goal is to help the attendees of our fashion camps increase their knowledge of fashion design and support the next generation of style innovators and leaders. Locations: Norwalk, CT and White Plains, NY. When enrolling for our winter and summer 2017 fashion camps, please give us the name, age of student and what session you are planning to attend. 



  • FashionLAB Summer Camp

    DISCOUNTS for multiple sessions: Enroll in any 3-5 Camps: 10% discount, 6-8 Camps: 15% discount
    • Little Black Dress

      Elegance and style - Audrey Hepburn flavored design is ageless and elegant for all. If you like another color we are open for it. Let’s design with simplicity and elegance.

    • Short & Sweet

      Summer breeze and a walk on the beach. Let’s design your new summer look. Your sweet ideas will realize this week and you’ll wear them at the end for a little fashion show.

    • Seamless
      -Designing without Seams

      Imagine how interesting it would be if we can design and make “IT” from a piece of fabric, just draping and collaging your beautiful ideas with it. In this class, you will learn to felt, sew by hand and applique. Let’s bring something old and make it new.

    • Shimmer & Shine

      Summer parties are fantastic, let’s dance together under the moon light and get it reflected on our dresses. Learning to use sequins, brocades and anything that makes you happy.


    • Destination Extraordinaire

      This is the week you will pick a favorite country and we will design and use our inspirations to create a dress. This mini cultural trip will give us opportunity to reach beyond the basic and explore traditions in fabrics and sewing.

    • MET and Me

      Day one we will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art-Costume Institute. We will design our ideas in the museum and bring them back to the studio. This how real designers design. Let’s design and make together!

    • Make a Statement

      How can we make a statement? We will design and use bold colors and fabrics with bold shapes. Let’s shop big florals, stripes…mix and match them, or shop for unusual fabrics and create our own outstanding look and then work on our walk for the runway.

    • Pink Sweetness

      Pink is gentle, sweet and romantic for girls and fresh and bold for boys. Come over and let us bloom your pink garden full of ideas, laughter and learning new skills. Summer is almost over but not in our hearts.

  • Little Fashionistas - Ages 7-8-9

    DISCOUNTS for multiple sessions: Enroll in all 3 Camps and receive a 10% discount
    • Designing my First Dress for Ages 7-8-9

      Bring your favorite father's shirt, we are going to show you how to design and make from something old, something new. What will be needed is one yard of printed cotton fabric that goes with the shirt, beads, buttons, sequences, embroidery threads, fabric glue and your imagination!!!!

    • Creating my First Collection for Ages 7-8-9

      This is the week to learn how to design a collection. Please bring interior and fashion magazines, kid size scissors, glue stick, presentation board 20"x 30". We are going to use our minds to create a collection for kids. We will finish this project with a small exhibition. You will choose one design from your collection and we will make it with alternative materials, just like they do it on "PROJECT RUNWAY"!!!

    • Creating my First Skirt for Ages 7-8-9

      Bring 3 different fabric patterns;1/2 yard each. Along with 1/2 yard of a solid color fabric; 2 yards total. 25" elastic 1" wide and matching treads. We are going to design a saucy summer skirt with all the happy colors you love. Summer will be in full blossom when you wear your new creations.